Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sheep's Testimony

We the sheep are considered to be witless, gullible, prone to follow unquestioningly and fearful in short measure.

But we enjoy the broad vistas, the clean air, the cool waters and the sweet uplands grass.

We enjoy being together and offer up frequently a bleat of praise, inclusion or warning.

Our Shepherd always takes the lead and goes on before. We know that we have His staff of guidance and His rod of correction. Deep in our hearts we know that both are necessary; and we submit, and we are glad that limits are being set.

We hear of other flocks where there is but slack supervision. This has led to breaking up, illness, improper foods and increased risk of the wolf or parasites.

We especially like our Shepherd's application of the aromatic oils. They heal the ague and they disperse the irritating bugs from eyes, nose and mouth. Summer can then be enjoyed as summer.

The cool autumn breezes and dampness bring us huddling together, and then especially we hear the Shepherd's songs and verses of thanksgiving and confidence.

When one of our number reaches his/her time of departure, the Shepherd always calls the halt, gently lays the form 'neath the sod and speaks words of celebration. We sense somehow that He is not finished with the one gone on. Does He have some glorious news about all of this that another Day will bring to our understanding?

In a word we are CONTENT. There is nothing stupid or listless or out of focus in that, now is there?

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