Monday, December 16, 2013

While Shepherds Watched...

They rested on the hillside
Content in shepherds' care
The darkness held no terror
No looming peril there
And chilly-damp the grasses
And star-bedecked the skies
And comforting the campfire
And happy songs besides.

And light came from the heavenlies
And music's other-world
And angels rapt with Good News
To earth the missive hurled
The waiting now was over
The best of Shepherds come
The love and light all-sovereign
That left their shepherds numb.

And quickly they departed
It seemed so right to go
While sheep securely rested
Held in the after-glow
The Town lay still and silent
Beneath their drowsy eyes
And sleep prevailed so sweetly
Until the new Son-rise.