Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Madly Loves

“You’re the one He madly loves.”
I saw this image on You Tube. The song was “Beautiful” by MercyMe.

It takes the Holy Spirit to convey a proper impression of this kind of extreme love. Jesus told His disciples that if they had seen Him they had seen in mortal representation the Father (the attributes of the Father).

Time and again in the prophecy of Isaiah we are shown a God Who grieves at the waywardness of Israel, Who applies the rod of correction through hostile foreign nations, but Who will not sustain His anger for too long, in remembrance of His covenant of mercy. In Hosea God identifies with the pain of a man married to a prostitute. In Ezekiel He likens Himself to One who has taken a little girl out of the gutter, cleaned her up, adorned her in finery, watching her become vain, trendy and filled with lust for the things of the world. In Song of Solomon He knocks early at the door of His Beloved and she is too lazy to rise to receive Him at first light.

But there has been a betrothal and the power of this covenant requires Him to look through eyes of faith to the ultimate wedding where one sees nothing but love, fidelity, fruitfulness, purity and partnership. He is in for the long haul.

Jesus presents the same message. He says that His mission is to the lost sheep of Israel. But they doubt His intentions, cast dubious slants upon His message, incarcerate Him, scourge Him and crucify Him. I say Israel but in reality I am referring to all mortal men. Double-minded. Covetous. Idolatrous. Impatient. Self-serving. But He loves them! Prays for their pardon. Dies in their stead. Sees their ultimate glorification (Romans 8: 28-30).

This is One madly in love. Empowered and sustained by the Plan of Heaven. If you have entered into covenant with this God you have become the object of such tenacious affection and keeping care. And you don’t deserve it; neither do I.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


You have heard of so much going wrong. The newspapers are full of grief, discord and scandal. That life insurance agent is still trying to land an interview. Your cough of the last two days has you concerned. Hydro rates are going up.

It's just good management to be cautious and trouble-shooting isn't it?

But you claim to be a follower of the King, a sheep in the contented , upward-climbing flock.

Watch your mouth! Watch your vision! Watch your interests!

You will notice that ten minutes of honest prayer and pouring out will cause the clouds to pass. Why are you reluctant? Why are WE so reluctant?

And that Bible study schedule; what happened to that? Oh, I know...friends, entertainments, fidgeting. And the peace leaves; and the edginess arrives. And the heart and ears tend toward the dark and unsettled. And that World out there is so willing to oblige.

Misery loves company. Step out of this parade. Turn around. You will find that Jesus has been there, quietly at your side. Waiting.

His assignments have eternal consequence.

Psalm 91: 9-11