Saturday, January 18, 2014

Clothed with Flocks: Psalm 65

art and symphony in harvest

Perhaps too much to take in
The glories of your art
The things that grow and flourish so
The tokens of your heart.
The rains you send refreshing
The warm sun brings the yield
And happy I, to happen by
Your thrilling brook or field.
Your paths all hint a "fatness"
A bounty from above
The valleys sing and hillsides ring
Exuberant in your love.
And may these eyes remember
When shadows threaten ill
Just as those flocks a-grazing
I am your canvas still.


  1. Hi Dough
    This is such a special and very personal rendering of Psalm 65. Yes, what a joy to know that we are Pappa's canvases on which He paints the beautiful picture of our Lords Jesus!
    Blessings and love for 2014 XX

    1. Thanks for this Mia. Perhaps if you have Facebook you could go to our new Community page Justhappeneduponthis. I try to incorporate there uplifting stuff from a number of sources. Hopefully someday the postings from others will gain momentum on the "wall". Best regards, Doug