Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Up On His Shoulders

I had an hour all to myself this past Sunday afternoon. Driving around town. Seeing all the immense piles of snow shoveled at driveways. Very thankful for a good heater in the car. Listening to the local Gospel radio station and some of its new format.

The songs I have often heard. The church bulletins more of the same.

Then a distinct impression to my spirit, "Turn it off Doug."

And then the process started. Thinking on Him...privately. Mental wool gathering? Not one bit. There have been times when such silence has raised suggestions of much needed passages of scripture, or the beginnings of a poem. But this time just silence and the assurance that He was close.

How often did the errant sheep have this impression when the Good Shepherd swept him up to carry on the shoulders. Separated for an interval from the ongoing affairs of the flock; from cares and concerns. Sensing in a very tangible way the beating of that heart of kindness and keeping and constructive discipline.

The bond defies description. It unifies. It pacifies. It fortifies. Another touch from the living Christ.

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  1. How blessed are we, that the Good Shepherd cares for each of his beloved sheep as if we were the only one. There's a beat of His heart that has only ever beat with love for you. For me.