Saturday, March 15, 2014

Leviticus Sixteen

Random choice from all the new goats
Priest taking some time to view
For not a blemish marring
Nor fracture, scab or scarring
Would make the grade
For what he had to do.
And trembling, quite unknowing
Pure innocence, here showing
He bore the rein, and left the Temple site.
The prayers had all been said
And sadly, on his head
A people's guilt and blame
Would now alight.
His escort knew the way
On this momentous day
But mused in wonder
As the miles they passed.
The dryness of the desert scene
The barrenness and fate unseen
Abandoned to a thirsting death at last.
Away, this scapegoat led away,
And with him all the wrongdoings forgot.
We thank him for renewing
A place with God, while viewing
The anguish that befell his lonely lot.

(Painting by William Holman Hunt)

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