Monday, October 12, 2015


The blueing of alfalfa
The golding of the bean
The swaying of the cornstalks
By country roads are seen.
The mounding of potatoes
The cabbage colonies
The checker of the Holsteins
The bursting apple trees.
The romping of the lambkins
The heron at the creek
The Clydesdales all in caramel
The nursing foals still weak.
The corduroy of planting
The auburn harvest yield
The splaying of the hay bales
A giant billiard field.
This banquet of the senses
A patchwork ‘neath the skies
Commending our Great Artist
Who looks with knowing Eyes.

Note: I live in a district where Mennonite farm wives pride themselves in their quilting stitchery. Perhaps they identify with the Lord of all beauty as they lay out their tables and frames, and go to work with colourful patches, needles and thread, singing as they collaborate.


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