Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sound Hope in the Bleating

Would to God
I knew the answers
Save you from this present pain
We are damp
And risking footing
Up this slope despite the rain.
I have watched you
Bow to others
While they butt and bleat out scorn
I have not
The plan nor power
To reverse such days forlorn.
But the Man
Up at the forefront
Knows the way to peace and rest
Once He held me
On His shoulders
Broke my leg to know His best
And for days
I sensed His heartbeat
Saw Him calmly help the flock
I will never
Stray rebellious
He has cleansed my hope and walk
And He will
So shepherd, help you
As you gain your dearest Friend
Truth, these wet
And woesome dark days
Count so little at the end.

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