Saturday, October 1, 2016

Open Up the Heavens

No these are not mere words
We’re done with games
Done with prescribed religious talk
Our gut growls
With the unsated hunger of searching
We’ve searched your Book
We’ve searched on our knees
We’ve searched the experience of friends
And your footprint shows
But not your face
Not your kindly embrace.
You inhabit the praises of your people
You’ve told us that 
You inhabit abandon
And brokenness.
And expectation.
And now “by prayer and supplication
With thanksgiving”
We come, and we come together.
Show us Lord, the reluctance
The unforgiveness, the pretension
The testiness and impatience
Pull out all stops.
The diaphragm quivers
The face is wet
The phrases come with melody
And we are released
Into You.