Saturday, May 6, 2017

Equine Rest

Glad to be here
With many of like mind
Friendly breeze rustles
The limbs above
We have this special time
When chores and pulling
Are forgot
When summer’s scorch
Or winter’s white
Must not deter
From this appointment
The Quiet Folk inside
And Psalms and helpful words
Issuing forth
They seem different
Once released
Their smiles and straighter backs
Happily we’re off again
Clopping with style
And teamwork
And oh those Sunday oats!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Distressed Flock

Drudgery in this walk
And dry the place
I know that we are tired
The bugs, the heat
The grass turned brown
Oh for those days inspired.
We left the fold
And village cheer
Our Shepherd on ahead
With hopes of high
And verdant times
No sense of doubt or dread.
The Man before
Would sing and march
And watering holes unearth
Quite safe with Him
As wolf lurked round
We thrived in second-birth.
Then clouds had come
And drizzling tests
The path turned mud
Quite slick
And some would fall
Their lungs awash
And most lost heart when sick.
The Shepherd still
Would share this test
And doctor when He could
And bring to mind
Much hallowed verse
As we knew that we should.
A single day of sun
Told us His hope
Could not be quelled.
But soon a drought
Burned off all damp
Parched bellies
Ached and yelled.
So this the goal?
We asked ourselves
A string of stretching trials?
Where gone the song
And sky-blue hopes
Sweet fellowship and smiles?
But then He comes
Right in the face
Caressing stricken heads
And points beyond...
The high plateau
With stream-fed grassy beds.
Each sheep takes heart
Their Man before
Has brought them
To the goal
And worth all trials
His healing smiles

His rich empowering Soul.